Visit the Tigers at Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue

a tiger

Large felines live at the Big Cat Rescue
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Serious proponents of animal rescue in Tampa, Florida, along with those hoping to instill the values of conservation and appreciation for the animal world in their children, may consider paying a visit to the nonprofit sanctuary Big Cat Rescue. Located at 12802 Easy Street in Tampa, this sanctuary conducts guided tours that can afford you and your family an astonishingly close view of some of nature’s most beautiful creatures.

Open daily, with the sole exception of major holidays, Big Cat Rescue offers different types of tours that determine admission cost as well as age limits. For instance, the Day Tours conducted daily (except for Thursday) are intended for adults and children 10 years of age and older. The cost is $29 per person, and it is not necessary to make a reservation online or pay ahead of time. For weekend Kids’ Tours, those under age 10 are admitted for $19. There are also private, night and feeding tours; details are available online.

Naturally, certain safety rules apply. In preparation for heat or rain, you may want to bring a cold drink and a poncho. Umbrellas, however, are prohibited, as these can unnerve big cats.

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